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Bridge Buddy

Get Free PLS When You Bridge Over To PulseChain

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100% of the funds go towards funding new wallets


What is Bridge Buddy?

Bridge Buddy is a bot specifically designed to assist new users transitioning from Ethereum to PulseChain. It recognizes when users bridge in tokens like USDC, USDT, HEX but lack the native PLS tokens necessary for transactions on PulseChain. In such cases, Bridge Buddy automatically provides a one-time bonus of 1,000 PLS tokens to these users' wallets, enabling them to start interacting on the PulseChain network. This support is crucial for newcomers who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate in the PulseChain ecosystem due to the absence of PLS tokens.

How long does a bridge transaction take?

Bridge Buddy takes a couple second to work its magic and deposits 1,000 PLS into your wallet, right after you interact with PulseChain Bridge on Ethereum.

Who can receive the 1,000 PLS token bonus?

Any user who uses the PulseChain Bridge to transfer tokens from Ethereum to PulseChain is eligible to receive the 1,000 PLS token bonus, given they have less than 500 PLS of the native token (PLS) on PulseChain.

Community Engagement & Funding

Join our mission to empower new users by contributing to Bridge Buddy. Your donation ensures a continuous supply of PLS for the Bridge Buddy Bot, strengthening our community and ecosystem.

100% of the donations go directly to onboard new users.

I have received PLS from the above address, what does it mean?

Congrats, you can now start exploring PulseChain and it's Ecosystem.

This is all due to community members funding the donation wallet below: 0x7D27c0B3f022128ac72BB93F186b40F760cdcA34

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